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Tarot Is An Affair Of The Heart

Photo of Rowan Foxx

 I have had a lifelong fascination with the occult mysteries. I was born with natural psychic abilities and recognized at an early age that I experienced life much differently than others. Since then, it has been a quest of mine to discover why some people can connect with the other realms more easily the others. 

My love affair with the Tarot began when I was seventeen years old. Something inside of me just clicked on the minute I saw the images on the cards. It was like meeting an old friend that you haven't seen in years.  The perfect blend of the intuitive and the aesthetic. There is so much information encoded in the cards that if I spent the rest of my life studying them, I still will not have unlocked all of the information hidden in symbols, metaphors and allegory. 

 A tea leaf or tarot reading should take the querent on a journey, their personal life journey. The reading should convey information that is pertinent to their life while opening the door to the mystical realm for them. 

It is my goal to introduce clients to the mystical journey of their soul. 

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